Who we are

We were born one dark night, welcomed by a black thick smoke of a noisy traffic, escorted by yelling sirens, and impatient honks, fed by greasy junk that will forever remain in our arteries, drunk by sugar and bubbles. When we managed to walk, we traveled the underground watched by millons of tiny little black eyes that kept us company along the way. We shared the streets with the unwealthy, we ride our bikes against the clock, we shared the taxis of the unexpected and we missed sleep at the parks.

We fought against loneliness and the unkwown and we won…. and then…

We woke up in this amazing city where you can be whoever you want, where every morning is a second chance to achieve what you dreamt of. Where being a Newyorker means that you share this same spirit, this philosophy of life no matter where you were born, the color of your skin or the language that you speak.

You will find your voice, the song that will fill your heart, the clothes that will wrap your soul, the people that will lift you up whenever you stumble.

We are just Newyorkers sharing our passion with the rest of the world trying to help everyone to express what they feel, show it and be proud of it.

What we do

We design emotions. Thoughts that you can wear. We give voice and sass to your clothes.

Who are you? You are unique, fierce, weird, proud, nerdy, loud, bitchy, sassy, sensitive, creative…… yeah, and at the very least, you are a part-time drag queen.

What´s your realness?

Welcome to the New York Realness Experience.