We’re branching out!

Aside from our collection of T-shirts, stickers and Hoodies we now present to you Pillows by Newyorkshka! All your favorite Tee designs perfectly assembled together to make, not only you but your home look marvelous.

Who wouldn’t want to to have their home adorned with a cast full of characters like Tobias Funke, Rupaul and The Golden Girls? Now all your Grindr hook-ups can marvel at your superior decoration skills when they see Dorothy and Toto perfectly lined up on your bed or couch.

With these fabulous designs you can fill your whole home with pillows. Pillows in the living room on the couch, pillows in the bedroom on the bed, Pillows in the kitchen, pillows in the bathroom! Pillows, Pillows, PILLOWS! (OMG you love pillows, don’t you?)

You don’t have to get that carried away but who could blame you? With over Fifty (50!) different designs to go cray-cray over, you and the bae can bury yourselves in our pillows **

The original cast are all ready to make your home a better more fashionable place and some exclusives are coming your way too!

At Newyorkshka we’ve got you covered from your head to your toes (Well not literally. We’ve got you from your head to your chest but we’re working our way down ;))

**Bury oneself in pillows not advised


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