A flesh eating, brain chomping, bone crunching Zombie is on the loose in NYC!!!! And we want him back! Occasionally some our kids get a little restless and like to explore the city but now we can’t find Zombstachky. Seems like he’s attracted to places where a lot of people gather so our first guess is New York City Comic Con. Coming this week all the witches, warlocks, Starlords, Stormtroopers and Mutants are sure to be prime bait for Zombstachky so we’re putting NYCC on alert! If you see this Zombie take a picture of him and Tweet or Instagram us with the hashtag #NYSHKA so we can get him back, if we get him we’ll reward you of course with one of our amazingly, stunning and stylish T-shirts.


If we don’t get him back at NYCC chances are he’ll be all round the city. Times Square, Union Square, St. Marks Place… Keep a look out for him wherever you are and the offer stands. We’re pretty sure he’ll come back at the end of Halloween but we want him back now! So get out there and find him!


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