The year started a little chilly and we all know how resourceful you are in these situations. First thing that pops up is… “Human heat”. You pick up your phone an get on… you know where, girl. The meat catalog opens before your hungry eyes and, along with those headless torso pics, are those priceless descriptions that also warm up your soul, either because of their cryptic symbolism, or just because of the basicbitchism. Either way, you read them because you are an educated girl and you can read. Those that combine both, are definitely you favorite because you appreciate a narrow minded, narcissistic, racist, misogynist and, once again, basic queer (who does not). Those who are looking to have sex with a clone version of themselves and refuses to even bother to consider that “maybe” is a much better way of thinking than exposing with pride those qualities above mentioned.

So, for those who have to deal with this bullshit on a daily basis we want to offer our support and give them the chance to do what we do in the Newyorkshka family: Give 0 Fucks, Twerk about it or just laugh about it. Because, girl, a 5 min mediocre intercourse should not make you break  a sweat. Join our TEAM.

Be who you are (even if you are a despicable person so the rest of us can see you come from far away) and never give up… and also wait for our NEW designs coming. If you though all the shade was thrown already, you could not be more mistaken. The library is about to open and you better have your glasses handy, darling.


masc_blackgrindrcuddle grindrinches



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