Summer is not only time for getting those goodies of yours roasted, no girl, it is also the perfect time for bringing your lazy ass to the streets and do what is right for a change.

We are New York creatures but also well-traveled, darling, and this year was the perfect occasion to pack and get the passport to use. Destination: Canada.

Yes, we know, it is so close, not that big of a deal, but, there is always a first time for everything. We decided to do the whole package: starting with a train trip same long as beautiful (Champlain and St.Lawrence Railroad) on our way to Montreal. All New Yorkers should try to explore a little more this big State and realize and enjoy the fact that there is life outside New York City. Yes, you know, those big things with green stuff hanging, animals different than rats and pigeons, silence… Nature.

The trip was not only pretty, but also educational. A couple of guides illustrated the views and gave all detailed information about what we were passing by and all the historical facts to explain the importance of that lonely and underused railroad, extremely important as part of the foundation of the economic development of both North America and Canada.

Montreal welcomed us with a big party: Les FrancoFolies Festival. I have to tell you, it was really hard to decide which concert to attend to because there were so many stages and so many things going on at the same time. Well, in case of doubt, follow the sequin´s shine and listen to Sans Sebastien.

A bohemian house in Sainte Catherine Street under the pink balls ceiling was definitely the best base of operations. Everything always looks better with a French touch.

I have to say it right now in case I forget, or in case I don’t say it enough times. Canadians are really good people, so polite and nice that sometimes is closer to scary. In New York I don’t even get to pull a single “Good morning” from my neighbors… well, it is hard even achieving eye contact.

Next stop was Quebec. Pretty fortified little city looking from above proudly celebrating its 400th anniversary, and I have to tell you, girl, those were really busy 400 years. Someone please explain us what´s with that city and fire because it should be called Phoenix city.

Don´t go too far because the best was saved for last and you don´t want to miss it. Are you ready for Toronto?

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